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Мы нашли для вас песню In My City 2017 от LISSA. Мы будем очень рады, если вы насладитесь прослушивание этого музыкального произведения и оно принесёт вам радость. Эта музыка отлично подойдёт как для молодых, так и для опытных, которые наверяка найдут в ней что-то новое для себя.

Длительность: 03:07

Просмотры: 704

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Видеоклип Minimal Techno Minimal House Mix 2017 Best Dark Monkeys Cocaine Set By Patrick Slayer

I want to address you very much even with an intellectual theme for you.
At the moment everything is brilliant and simple, I have for you a smart
Theme and work that stuns those who understand at least half
My brilliant phenomenon, which is in my eyes and notice
Oko, this is the information field of the stellar system, since everyone is in it.
Scientists will never be able to conquer this scientific phenomenon, I only suggest
You come to this top and if you invite me to the studio
Invite scientists of the highest category of Russia, the most intellectual
Countries in the world if I'm not mistaken in my opinion, since we are not only
The first flew into space without talking about other brilliant abilities ...
Well, I will start about myself and I hope you will become interested. I'm Sergey Kokoteev
Anatolyevich citizen of the Russian Federation
Kurgan region from the city of Shadrinsk, where he was born in 1981
And live to this day, unfortunately in the hostel
In 2010, I noticed that if I increase my eye in approximately
The whole screen and pause this video, then the following facts occur
Looking at the pupil of the eye, I will cite several relevant examples and
I'll try to get to you at the end of it and you could at least some part of it
Understand this brilliant phenomenon, in short the essence is that.
After looking at it begins to increase, a person begins to approach closer
And occurs docking note not only the eye but also the intellect as a minimum,
Further with time, more accurately, with every second, beautiful
And amazing views, you certainly excuse me, but in my eyes,
In general, children see as in the cinema various space asteroids, planets
Our galaxy, also nature, seas, lakes and so on, this is only one percent
From a billion of what the planet of the inhabitants of our earth sees, But people have
The disadvantage is mainly in adults since the children see absolutely everything 99%
I'm sorry about that, but notice from me that everything is all right and every second hundreds
View my photos and video files on the Internet at home theaters and even
On photo paper, that is, I am in this respect perfection
You probably do not understand and I'm very sorry for you, but you remind me
Primitive system, in principle it is not surprising, but still I will try
You explain ..
When I get up at full height and am photographed with a digital camera
My eyes. Then the camera is pumped into the computer this small
A digital file from the computer is printed.
Puts on a photographic paper you will not believe but only simple paints. Creates a copy
Digital file and, as a result, the eye more accurately works on photo paper as well
In the Internet.home movie theaters, computers, tablets, phones, smartphones
And even iPhones and this is just a slight hint of who I am ,,,
I'll add a couple more lines because you still can not understand and I'm sorry for you.
Although you work on television and probably still are not sincerely
Sick people ,,,
In general, children see everything, and from adults and the elderly, 60% see 100%.
Roughly speaking, see 50% of 100, that is, half of the planet sees this
A brilliant phenomenon. But they can not understand how it all comes about
It turns out. Unfortunately, but you can not, even call me
By phone +79129766024 to agree with me about the meeting or at least your
Come to me, not to mention the scientists of the highest category in your studio
And let them then show their intellect and talk and I hope not
Disgrace further in the whole universe, as it happens with my arrival
On the Internet in 2010 and the creation of my site
Oko-sergius.ucoz.ru This magical architect of the star system,
Waiting for your suggestions...

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