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Мы нашли для вас песню Сансары[LB by Olegovi4] от 30-39hzБаста. Мы будем очень рады, если вы насладитесь прослушивание этого музыкального произведения и оно принесёт вам радость. Эта музыка отлично подойдёт как для молодых, так и для опытных, которые наверяка найдут в ней что-то новое для себя.

Длительность: 06:04

Просмотры: 887

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Видеоклип 660. Biceps curl 200 lbs barbell. Get big arms training. Упражнения на бицепс
Yurii Spasokukotskyi, a personal trainer and bodybuilding champion came into the sport in 1994. Initialy he used to have narrow shoulders, weak muscles and a big fat belly. But even after 7 years of regular gym training 3-4 times a week didn't bring hime good results. The reason was that regular and hard workout vs bad genetics was not cool enough without a competent training system. Then Yurii has developed his own system which works 100% and may ba suitable for everybody. And he himself got much greater results in bodybuilding during that one year than during those 7 years of training before.

Now all people, who want to get a significant progress in bodybuilding and fitness are getting success with Yurii. He gives personal trainings in Skype and has thousands of happy clients around the world.

Build muscle really fast:
In today's episode, it's time to build some MONSTER BICEPS! I've gotten a lot of questions lately in the comments about what I do for my arms, and how to develop a big biceps . In this video I'm going to show you two of the exact exercises I use to get big arms myself.

Building a biceps "peak" will make a HUGE difference in how big your biceps appear. If they're shaped right, your biceps will appear much bigger than someone whose are the same size, but whose biceps do not have a dramatic peak. Developing your bracs (muscles outside your biceps) with the other exercise I show in this video will also make your arms appear much bigger and fuller from the side, which is the main way that people will be looking at your biceps.

Some people THINK that you can't develop parts of a muscle, like a biceps "peak"... but this is actually not true at all! You CAN shape your muscles the way you want by doing the correct exercises -- my own body is proof of that. You just have to know the right exercises to develop that body shape you want.
Тренер показывает упражнения на бицепс с огромной штангой в киевском гидропарке.
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