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Мы нашли для вас песню Most People Are Good - Tribute to Luke Bryan Instrumental Version от 2017 Billboard Masters. Мы будем очень рады, если вы насладитесь прослушивание этого музыкального произведения и оно принесёт вам радость. Эта музыка отлично подойдёт как для молодых, так и для опытных, которые наверяка найдут в ней что-то новое для себя.

Длительность: 03:41

Просмотры: 523

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Видеоклип Good Quality 1 Bedroom Apartment for 4 in Notting Hill Gate
Despite only having one bedroom, this Notting Hill apartment can fit four people thanks to a double sofa bed in the living room. In the master bedroom, guests will benefit from a queen-sized bed and the apartment also has everything you could ever want or need as a visitor.

Based on the first floor of the building, this is actually in a quiet neighbourhood of London but a short tube trip or walk will take you into the more active areas if required. Overlooking a stunning tree-lined traditional London street, you will have a terrace beyond the high ceilings of the flat. In the kitchen, you can use a dishwasher and a washer/dryer whilst the living room offers an LG Smart TV for those relaxing moments.

In the bathroom, you have the choice of a bath or shower and your mobile phones, tablets, or laptop will have free access to WiFi which is always a bonus with the technological demands we have these days. Overall, it will act as a brilliant base for your stay in London and your location means that you aren't far from all the action

Where? - Since the flat is in Pembridge Gardens, this means you are around two minutes from the tube station at Notting Hill Gate. If you have never used the tube station in London before, this essentially means you will have access to near enough the whole city (you may require line switches for some locations). If you’re interested in the tourist destinations London has to offer, you will be in a prime location with this Notting Hill apartment. Not only because of what we have suggested so far, but also because you will be close to Hyde Park, Portobello Road, and Kensington Gardens

These days, Notting Hill is a fantastic place to stay because you will be in close proximity to restaurants, shops, pubs, cafes, and a whole lot more. For this flat in particular, a short walk will take you to a local Marks & Spencer, a 24-hour Crispin’s, or the flagship Marble Arch store

In terms of food, London has options all over the city and it doesn’t take long to see this when visiting. As well as the standard fast food restaurants such as KFC and McDonald’s, Notting Hill also boasts classic English restaurants and food from all over the world. For example, just round the corner is The Ark which serves Italian which, itself, is close to Sally Clarke’s which offers a divine Californian-style menu.

Overall, this is a brilliant apartment for your stay both for location and for the amenities and generous accommodation itself.

Property Link:

Main Website Link:

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